how many patterns do you have on your imperial benjarong® pieces?

we currently have 12 patterns available. patterns are divided into two broad classifications:
- free-flowing chinese designs, some dating back to the ming dynasty in the 14th century
- geometric designs introduced over the past two hundred years

how can we learn more about the artists?

the information we provide to you on this website is as much as we are allowed to give. the craftsmen and women who produce our imperial benjarong® pieces are from rural families and are very private people.

what is the difference between porcelain and bone china?

imperial benjarong® pieces are made in both bone china and porcelain. the dinner services, tea and coffee sets, some vases and accessories are made from bone china. bone china is similar to porcelain, but with the addition of animal bone ash. the combining with the animal bone ash makes the bone china very strong and a brilliant white colour. porcelain is a mixture of kaolin, a type of clay, feldspar, and possibly other materials. you will find many pieces in our catalogue made from porcelain, namely lamps, bowls, and covered jars.

how should I store my imperial benjarong® pieces?

we have enjoyed imperial benjarong® pieces for many years. some are used every day such as mugs, tea cups and saucers, and are kept alongside other items in cupboards. other, more ornamental pieces, such as the lamps, covered pots and jars sit on mantlepieces, shelves or on window sills. we haven't experienced any fading or chipping whatsoever. imperial benjarong® pieces are very special, each piece is hand drawn, handpainted and is made to order, unique to you, so due care should be taken. we recommend that plates are stored with tissues separating them.

how would i replace any pieces missing or broken from my imperial benjarong® collection?

if in the unfortunate event your imperial benjarong® piece broke or a part of a set went missing, you could replace it, should you wish, through visiting your nearest stockist and placing a new order. this would take the same amount of time to produce and transport to your nearest stockist as all other imperial benjarong® pieces.

can I visit your shop?

we do not have a physical shop front as we are a wholesaler to retail outlets. If you would like to purchase some imperial benjarong® pieces you can contact us either by email at info@imperialbenjarong.com or by telephone on +44 (0)1372 451 400 and we will tell you where your nearest stockist is. if there is no stockist near you then you can purchase directly from us at recommended retail prices.

how long does delivery take?

if the imperial benjarong® pieces you decide to purchase are not in your nearest stockist then they will need to order them for you. from this initial order through to the imperial benjarong® arriving at the stockist will take 10 to 12 weeks. these delivery times reflect the bespoke nature of imperial benjarong® where small groups of artists specialise, by tradition, in certain patterns. if, for instance, a group of artists receive an order for a large dinner service, this may delay the fulfillment of other orders.